Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Auto Insurance but do they want you !

So, you want to apply for a Auto Insurance and you want the best price,you shop around and ask for quotes and you think wow it is so expensive. Are you aware that some insurers don't want to do business with you at the first place, in fact a lot won't tell you,so ask before wasting your precious time. The Auto insurance company have what we call a market, the people they want to do business with. If your company want to do business with elderly people and you are young, they will charge you a very expensive premium, rather than telling you, you are not in our market. The Insurers prefer to specialize in certain field of insurance or with some groups of people, they are more at ease to have a niche than to accept everyone.
But it depends of the Auto Insurance Company,shop around and you find the one which fit your needs and save money.

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