Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Auto Insurance but do they want you !

So, you want to apply for a Auto Insurance and you want the best price,you shop around and ask for quotes and you think wow it is so expensive. Are you aware that some insurers don't want to do business with you at the first place, in fact a lot won't tell you,so ask before wasting your precious time. The Auto insurance company have what we call a market, the people they want to do business with. If your company want to do business with elderly people and you are young, they will charge you a very expensive premium, rather than telling you, you are not in our market. The Insurers prefer to specialize in certain field of insurance or with some groups of people, they are more at ease to have a niche than to accept everyone.
But it depends of the Auto Insurance Company,shop around and you find the one which fit your needs and save money.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fire Hydrants and Homeowner Insurance

It could sound weird but when you are shopping around for homeowner insurance quotes, it is important to know, if you municipality has adequate Fire Hydrants.
In some remote area or in some part of any mucipality including the bigger one, the fire fighter can face problems with their water supply.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Where do you park is very important for your auto insurance quote

Do you know that where you park your car is very important if you want to save on your insurance premium. If you park your car in your own private indoor garage, it is the best spot to park your car and saving money. You don't have a lot of chance that your car will be stolen, so your premium will be less expensive.
When you shop around for your auto insurance, you are looking for the best quotes, so tell your auto insurance company about where your park your car and that you are aware of the danger to park it anywhere.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Restaurant and your Tenant Insurance : is it good ?

It's nice a new restaurant just opened yesterday in your building. It is a very nice looking restaurant and you went to eat there for breakfast it's cheap and very good. Wow, you feel so happy, but is it good for the premieum of your property damage insurance, Unfortunatly, no ! Why, because it is a higher risk for your insurance company. A Reastaurant has many equipments which are likely to cause a lot of damage, fire etc.

So,it might raise your damage property insurance premiums but it is better to tell your insurer about that,because if you don't they might not pay you in case of fire or other damages caused by your new neighbor, the restaurant.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Do you like Aquarium and does your home Insurance will like it.

So you just buy a really big and state of the art fish tank to put on the table in the living room of your second floor appartment. You just read all the papers to install it and your all set to put the fishes inside.

You have the new automated feeding system who has chickened out while you were out and your neighbor appartment now looks like a pool.
You could not do anything at that moment, but before it happen call your Home Insurance Compagny to tell them your about your new toy. Can you imagine the cost if something wrong happen with your aquarium, don't take any chances and call your agent or broker it will save you quite a lot money and the damage in case the worst happen.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Home insurance and safety mesure for you pool party

What a nice afternoon you and your family will have next Saturday relaxing around the pool. Yes, but maybe you have to do special stuff to protect yourself regarding your home insurance since 30 people will be at your house for that party. A pool is pretty nice, I really enjoy mine and I am sure you do with yours, but a safe afternoon should be guarateed for you and your "convives" How to do it , first of all if you think that people will drink alcohol keep a eye of them because you are responsibible for them at the party in case they hurt themselves plus you are in charge of them even on the road if they go back home and have a car accident due to their alcohol consuption.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Liablity insurance wow what a nice dog you have

Do you love your dog, I'm sure you do as I love mine but are you aware of the danger for you if your dog bites a neighbor or the postman. First of all the people who drop by should know that you have a dog, put a sign so they will be aware.

Second thing, tell it to your insurance compagnies while you shop around for home and liability insurance quotes or call your broker or agent if you just adopted a dog into your family evn if you think your dog is very nice to people.

Home insurance the knowledges to save money

$ And now, do you like to pay for your home insurance premiums, no! Okay, so you can try to reduce your premium by your knowledges of the risks. Talk with your agent or broken about what you know to avoid a fire, like having portable fire extinguishers, calling the Fire Fighters without delay if a fire starts, having smoke alarms around the house and measurement to evacuate the house for you and your family etc

You will feel more secure and you will be more reliable for your insurance company.
And remember shop around for your home insurance. $

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Home Insurance (Condominium Unit Owners Insurance reduce your premium)

$ So you want to reduce your condominium Unit Owners premiums, a good thing to do so is having a automatic sprinkler system for fire protection and a fire alarm in the corridors and at a lot of places in the building ; Hall, Indoor Garage or near the Sauna if you have one etc

If you don't have them where you live it would be very useful for your own security and your neighbors security and it should reduce your premiums. $

So next time you shop around for your Home Insurance quotes, think about it !!

Home Insurance : will they come to see it

Congratulation for your beautiful new house, call some home insurance companies to make sure you have fair insurance quotes right away.
A lot of people ask me, do property insurance companies can visit my house, the answer is yes, but they will do so for 3 main reasons : you do not use tradional heating system like electricity or natural gas, your house is a very expensive one or if it is very old. They could come for any reasons, get ready and answer all their questions.

Damage Insurance :Auto Insurance etc

This blog is about damage insurance like auto insurance, home insurance, business insurance and liability insurance. Here you will learn how to save money, fill out your documents, claims etc